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Restless Myth (2014)

Along with Product, Restless Myth is part of a series of solo portraits exploring femininity, sexuality, and representation. It is deeply inspired by the music - a brassy, jarring, polyphonic score that refuses to settle. A physical persona emerges from this sonic backdrop, someone not easily contented, filled with angst and non-sequiturs.


Performed at Joe Goode Annex (San Francisco/USA) 

Choreographed and performed by Daria Kaufman

Music: "all moments stop here and together we become every memory that has ever been," composed by Ken Ueno; Donna Summer

Photography by Katherine McKinley | Videography by Erin Malley


Supported by the Shawl-Anderson Dance Center Artist-in-Residency Program, Zellerbach Family Foundation, and a successful Kickstarter campaign. 

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