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Forge (Dance for Camera, 2013)

Created, shot, and edited by Daria Kaufman | Performed by Lynn Huang and Melissa Kennedy | Choreographed by Erin Malley, in collaboration with the dancers

"Forge" is a short dance film that follows two sisters through an abandoned factory on a sunny day. In lieu of a traditional narrative, the film invokes a distinct atmosphere of listlessness and tension. Time becomes elliptical against a sonic backdrop of found objects and engines.


Screenings: The Roxie Theater (San Francisco/USA); Joe Goode Annex (San Francisco/USA); The Milkbar (Oakland/USA); Official Selection, San Francisco Tiny Dance Film Festival (USA); KILL ALL Festivals (Portland/USA); Temescal Arts Center (Oakland/USA).

Supported by the Milkbar Projects Room Residency.

Atavistic Matter (Dance for Camera, 2013)

Collaboration with Berlin-based performance collective, StratoFyzika

Choreography and dance by Hen Lovely Bird and Daria Kaufman
Music: Akkamiau | Camera: Alessandra Leone and Akkamiau

Editing: Alessandra Leone


Screenings: Boddinale Film Festival (Berlin/DE); Rose Transformation Salon (Berlin/DE); KINO Moviemento, shortCUTS (Berlin/DE); Shooting Wall Film Festival at PhilaMOCA (Philadelphia/ USA)

RE:IDoru (2010)

Choreography and dance by Hen Lovely Bird, Daria Kaufman, and Carly Pick
Video editing by Gautam Agarwal


Originally presented as part of Idoru. Screened at the Subterranean Arthouse (Berkeley/USA) and Intersection for the Art's Intern Artwalk (San Francisco/USA).

Supported by the Subterranean Arthouse Artist-in-Residency Program. 

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