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Product (2013)

Initially inspired by the Japanese contemporary art movement "Superflat" and its critique of hollow cuteness, Product takes an unflinching look at women in the marketplace and the roles they are compelled to play. It depicts a saleswoman giving an instructional session on how to sell an object, the identity of which is never revealed. With words and movement, this anonymous vendor's pitch swells as she ultimately comes undone by the need to sell.

Choreographed, written, and performed by Daria Kaufman

Performances: 1 Grove/SafeHouse for the Arts (San Francisco/USA); Galeria da India, Transcisciplinary Performance Arts Festival (Lisbon/PT); Mills College Lisser Theater (Oakland/USA); The Garage Artspace (San Francisco/USA); The Milkbar (Oakland/USA); Joe Goode Annex (San Francisco/USA)

"Product is Daria Kaufman's elegantly crafted pitch for the dirty truths about women and the marketplace. Its dry and brainy humor is a howl." 

- Ann Murphy, Dance Critic, Bay Area News Group

"Stunning [...], evocative and wonderfully clever."

- Heather Desaulniers, Dance Commentary 

Photo by Kurt Loeffler

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