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Φ (Phi) (2016) is inspired by the slowly changing, repetitive structures of minimalist music, and their incremental alteration of perception. In constant duet, two dancers phase in and out of unison with slight variations in timing while a lighting installation continually wavers between light and shadow, and a spatial sound pool emits shifting, electronic soundscapes. Φ (Phi) creates an atmosphere where image, sound, and movement are continually interwoven into a striking, cross-sensory experience, redefining the architecture of the body and space.

Created by StratoFyzika and guest artist Daria Kaufman

Choreographed and performed by Hen Lovely Bird and Daria Kaufman

Visual/lighting design by Alessandra Leone

Sound design by Lenka Kocisova

Residency support:

Cultivamos Cultura (Sao Luis, PT)

LakeStudios DanceTech AIR, sponsored by TroikaTronix (Berlin, DE)

Atalaia Artes Performativas (Aljustrel, PT)


B-Seite Festival (Mannheim, DE) March 2019

Festival Atalaia Artes Performativas, Cine-Oriental (Aljustrel, PT) July 2017

UferStudios (Berlin, DE) July 2016

Φ (Phi) (2016)

"[...] um tornado energético que abalou todos os que o presenciaram."

("[...] an energetic tornado that shook all those who witnessed it.")

- Ana B. Carvalho, Jornal i

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