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Photo by Vance Vice, courtesy of RAAK


Mother Tongue

In 2022, Daria's score, Finding what you keep: Home as a site of possession, was published by The New School - Parsons School of Design, as part of the "Domestic Logic Cookbook" - a project that approaches the home as a site of knowledge production. This marked the beginning of a new series of cross-genre works centered on motherhood, domesticity, and the paradoxes of care.  

For the next volume, Daria is currently developing a multimedia performance installation inspired by the literary tradition known as 'mother tongue' - the unique language and communication systems that emerge between a parent and young child. 


The first iteration of Mother Tongue was presented as an audio installation by RAAK - Transport Artspace (The Netherlands), as part of a group exhibition focused on intimacy. The project is supported by Los Angeles Performance Practice's ACCELERATOR Program, R+D for Parents/Guardians, and Automata's Artist-in-Residency Program.   

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