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In her tower (2014)

Kaufman views this piece as a psychological journey through her own female fictions and truths, through angst, tenderness, glamour and hysteria, desire and power. These are the demons and angels that she tussles with, all for some absent witness, some silent judge. She sees no end in sight, but relishes the game.

Choreographed by Daria Kaufman

Performed by: Bianca Brzezinski, Rebecca Chun, and Aura Fischbeck

Music: Zbigniew Preisner, Philip Jeck, Luciano Berio (interpreted by Cathy Berberian), and Roy Orbison

Photography by Katherine McKinley

Videography by Erin Malley

Performed at the Joe Goode Annex (San Francisco/USA)
Supported by Shawl-Anderson Dance Center - Artist in Residency Program, Zellerbach Family Foundation, and a successful Kickstarter campaign. 

"A poignant combination of formal and pedestrian movement." 

- Irene Hsiao, SF Weekly

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