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Research, residency, multi-channel video installation

                                    "The intense focus on particular facial features — the nose, the face — made them look strange

                                      and wonderful, suddenly no longer familiar." - Lily Janiak, SF Chronicle (full article)

Human/ID is an immersive media installation that considers the essence of identity and the body as our lives are mediated by screens. Created by Berlin-based interdisciplinary performance collective StratoFyzika, in collaboration with artists Daria Kaufman and Ian Heisters, Human/ID is inspired by the personal, political, and social implications of synthetic media, specifically Deepfake, which uses AI to manipulate media and create alternate “truths.”

Human/ID dives into the uncanny valleys that form at the edges of new human mapping technologies, where human beings are rendered and translated through code. What is lost or gained in these liminal, digital spaces? What strange new perspectives do they offer of self, body, and other?

Daria Kaufman / Performer, Choreographer
Hen/i / Performer, Choreographer
Ian Heisters / Creative Coding, ML, Video
Alessandra Leone ITA / Video
Danishta Rivero / Sound Design 

Human/ID was supported by CounterPulse's - Combustible Residency Program


Photo by Robbie Sweeney


Photo by Ian Heisters

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