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Holding it together (2016) is a performance installation that investigates the way bodies interact with objects, how they deconstruct and re-contextualize each other. Often bound to the constraint of holding an object suspended, two perfomers move through a series of task-based duets that challenge their level of intimacy and trust. The piece unfolds amidst an installation of 100 x 2.5 meter-long, ceiling-length wooden planks, which stand vertically and change formation throughout the piece, compelling the audience to move and negotiate its own relationship to physical boundaries, in tandem with the performers. The result is a highly immersive, intimate performance that challenges the divide between viewer, performer, and spectacle.

Artistic Team:

Concept: Daria Kaufman and Sezen Tonguz in collaboration with Francisco Pinheiro
Choreography, performance: Daria Kaufman and Sezen Tonguz
Installation: Francisco Pinheiro
Dramaturgical Assistance: Ana Trincão
Video: Rui Xavier, Sofia Marques Ferreira



Mills College, Lisser Theater (Oakland, USA) February 2017

Festival Cidade PreOcupada (Montemor-o-Novo, PT) July 2016

Atelier Concorde (Lisbon, PT) June 2016


DEVIR/CaPA (Faro/PT), Atelier Concorde (Lisbon/PT), Polo Cultural Gaivotas (Lisbon/PT), ÇATI (Istanbul/TR), Oficinas do Convento (Montemor-o-novo/PT)​

Edited Image 2016-02-04 23-05-33

Photos by Carolina Colaca Pereira

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