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Habitat (2013)

Habitat is a site-specific dance theater work that unfolds amidst the labyrinthine, industrial architecture of The Foundry - a former factory turned interdisciplinary artspace. Juxtaposing alternative domains and skewed realities where relationships are forged and broken, movement ripples across time and space as multiple environments unfold, overlap, and collide.

Performed at Foundry Nights X (Berkeley/USA)

Choreographed by Daria Kaufman, in collaboration with the dancers

Performed by Bianca Brzezinski, Rebecca Chun, Brittany Delaney, Aura Fischbeck, and Karla Quintero

Music: Luciano Berio (interpreted by Cathy Berberian), Roy Orbison, and Daria Kaufman

Supported by The Foundry's Artist-in-Residency Program.


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