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Do Not Break Out Of Prior Range 

2023, Site-specific performance installation 

Do Not Break is a live performance installation using movement and multilingual speech to explore the power of language and the language of power. Co-created by Daria Kaufman and Miriam Simun, and originally commissioned as a site-specific performance taking place in Greece’s first power plant, the first iteration - performed by Simun - used a microphone, a cell-phone, a blender, an overhead projector, and a lightbulb on a 30 meter cord. Mining the relationship between power, energy, and the body, a found-text score was assembled with language from electric kitchen appliance manuals, news articles about politicized gas pipelines, information on the internet about the human body’s ability to produce electric current, and advice on dealing with power in relationships from

Initially presented at Historic Steam Electric Station (Neo Faliro, Greece) as part of the group exhibition This Current Between Us,

curated by Panos Giannikopoulos and Georgia Liapi 

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