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Phone-based performance piece

Dispatch - a performance/reading via one-to-one phone call - is a letter to the visceral pleasures and cruelties of live performance, delivered by author/performer, Daria Kaufman, to whomever else is on the line.


Borne from the Covid quarantine era, "Dispatch" is a live performance offering that does not require the audience leave their home or get on a screen. Participants sign up to receive a one-on-one audio call (via Signal, Whatsapp, or landline) from Kaufman at a specified day and time. During the transmission, she recites an evocative testament to live spectacle, told from shifting perspectives and geographies.


At a time when many of us still feel stuck in place, neither able to move forward nor back, "Dispatch" is an invitation to transport oneself, briefly, to distant lands and scenes; to re-engage in the tricky intimacies between live performer and audience; to soak in past fantasies and future relics of the 'stage.'

Conceived, written, and performed by Daria Kaufman

Presented by Encontro Bianual de Artes Performativas - (Re)union 2020 (Lisbon, Portugal) and FAKI Festival 2021 (Zagreb, Croatia)

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