Bound (2018)

Created and performed by Daria Kaufman, Bound is a dance-theater solo exploring femininity, persona, and restraint. It began from the question - what are the different guises forced upon women, and how do we subvert their limitations?

The piece is divided into four vignettes, each marked by its own character and physicality. Throughout these fragmentary narratives, Kaufman attempts to find freedom within different forms of restraint, be it a pearl necklace that continuously re-frames her figure, or the strict, codified movements of a cheerleader's pom pom routine. What personae emerge from these confines? How can we adhere to these codes while simultaneously un-doing them?


In 2013, Kaufman began to make a series of solo portraits that investigate female sexuality and representation, including Product (2013) and Restless Myth (2014), for which she was nominated for an Isadora Duncan Dance Award (the “Izzie”) for Individual Performance. Bound is the most recent addition.

Interview by Mesa de Montagem



Joe Goode Annex | San Francisco, California | April 18 & 20

Curtas de Dança, in scope of Festival DDD - Dias de Dança >

   Vila Nova de Gaia, PT > Armazém 22 > May 1, 2018

Premiere > Biblioteca de Marvila | Lisbon, PT | May 18-19, 2018

Montras Festival | São Luis, PT | August 2018

Encontro Bianual de Artes Performativas - (Re)union 2018 >

   Rua das Gaivotas 6, Lisbon | September 2018  

Artistic Team

Creation and Performance: Daria Kaufman

Lighting Design: Tasso Adamopoulos 

Costume Design: Ana Baleia

Production: Sezen Tonguz / BAZEN

Residencies and support:


Photos by Alipio Padilha

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