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ARTI ULATE approaches sound and movement as communication – its deconstruction and (re)formation. Interwoven through the piece is Kaufman's true account of trying to explain to a recorder the experience of having a seizure. Taking sound and movement cues from the audience, each other, and a pre-recorded score, the three artists perform a dialogue wrought with misinterpretation, interruption, and occasionally, understanding.

Created and performed by Bianca Brzezinski and Daria Kaufman, in collaboration with musician Richard Warp

Performances: NOHspace, Sound is the Movement Series (San Francisco/USA), The Garage Artspace (San Francisco/USA), Shotwell Studios (San Francisco/USA). Excerpts: Subterranean Arthouse (Berkeley/USA), LEVYStudio (San Francisco/USA), The Garage Artspace, Dance/USA Opening Night Celebration (San Francisco/USA).  

Supported by the Zellerbach Family Foundation, The Milkbar Artist-in-Residency, and a successful Kickstarter campaign. 

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